Are Non-Christians Better at Government

I’ve just started reading the third book in the “Church after Christendom” series:
Faith and Politics After Christendom – The Church as a Movement for Anarchy
by Jonathan Bartley
Without doubt it will inspire me to a few posts over the next week or so, as I read it.

Anyway, to kick off, how about the suggestion that Christians don’t make good governors in this world…

We read in the Bible that God appoints all governments (Rom 13:1). Now to my mind there isn’t a government that doesn’t indulge in a little violence and control (after all, a govt that didn’t wouldn’t be a govt for long!). Bear in mind, this is at the request of the people – after all, if ‘we’ pay taxes, then we’re sure going to make sure that everyone else does too!

At this stage in my reading of the book we see the view (common in the early church) that we are not here to exercise control over people and see to it that criminals are punished.

I tend to agree with that broad perspective – which implies that non-Christians, with less concerns in this area, are very likely to make better governments in secular society.

You may have noticed this tendency in my thinking before

8 thoughts on “Are Non-Christians Better at Government

  1. With the mentality that is maybe needed to be in government in a secular society i can certainly see why Mark would suggest that non-Chistians would make better people in government than Christians. I am sure that it would be different if we lived in a time when people firstly accknowledged the existence of God and secondly wanted to follow in his ways. But with various aspects of the world view that certainly go against the christian, or should I say god view, I would certain agree that maybe People who aren’t Christians should be in government. we should of course emember that we are told to pray for our leaders, and this includes Governments, so hopefully our prayers may actually make some kind of a differnece. andy

  2. Are power and control different? I am thinking about ascribed power verses in politics what Mark seems to be suggesting that through voting this moves to a more difficult arena of asrcibed control. In Y &C work you have element of ascribed power but yp vote with their feet and it is not reinforced with statute. Hmmmmm???
    Jesus had ascribed power both from God and those around him, but didnt seek to control, and people voted with their feet eg rich young ruler. Hmmmm??

    Hmmmm?? = I am not sure and still mulling it over

  3. Power and control must be different, as some types of power don’t utilise control.

    It is possibly an area of difficulty in youth work where as a worker one is supposed to police the youth to some degree. The trick must be to find power through love without control… can’t be easy!!! …and perhaps doesn’t always work, as not everyone will accept your lcare and respond to it.

  4. Andy, the prayer bit seems to be an important point! I wonder, do we have more power by
    a) Praying for govt.
    b) Voting for govt.
    I think that perhaps I know the answer!

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