The false economy of waiting

Children naturally live in the now
They are generally impatient and find it hard to wait
They want it now – they live in the present moment
But, parents like to teach them the importance of waiting
To practice delayed gratification
Not to be so emotional
And to calm down

Parents however, often live in the future
Trying to be mature, sensible and responsible
We must insure ourselves and save
Build your pension funds
Make sure you have security in the future

The materialistic parent encourages us to:
Consume now and put off the waiting –
Debt is good for you
Buy stuff you don’t need to occupy your mind and to entertain yourself
Buy products that will make you happier, make you cool or more loveable
Retail therapy will help you deal with your present difficult situation!

And Jesus, well he tells us to become like children!

Many of us either live in the past or the future and few of us risk being in the present.
Are you living in the past? Still longing for the good ole days,
Are you living for the future? And hoping ‘Things can only get better’

Or, are you able to be like the child and be right here, right now…
And risk the joy, sadness, anger, gladness, anxiety, love, pain, contentment, discontentment, happiness, embarrassment, frustration or some other feeling that arises in each moment.
Dare you risk being fully present in this moment….
and this moment…
this moment….
this moment…!

The best present you can give others this Christmas is to be fully present.

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