New Agnosticism – Part 1

What new Agnosticism has in common with the agnosticism of old is embracing the freedom of not knowing, loss, letting go and uncertainty. New Agnosticism isn’t just concerned with thinking and belief but with a way of being for the whole of life. The modern world is filled with experts and masters who instruct us how to live on issues such as diet, fashion, religion, health, finance, therapy, praying, preaching, storytelling, theology, singing, dancing, sex, joy, happiness, love and spirituality. These experts are fascinated with positivity, success and power. Our bookshops, TV, internet, government, churches and celebrities are populated with people telling us how to live our lives, what we need and what would be best for us. In this age where people are desperate to ‘get it right’ Agnosticism says it is Ok to get it wrong, to make mistakes, and to totally screw things up. Not knowing is heretical and questions the known truths and accepted ways of being.

The only mistake you can make is to not learn from your mistakes – Thomas Merton

New Agnosticism isn’t against listening to people who have wisdom and who have experience, in fact they are eager to learn from such people who have gone before them; ancient wisdom has often being ignored and lost. New Agnostics just don’t need or want to make the wise into their preachers, masters, leaders and gurus.

New Agnostics are eager to explore their inner self and re-learn how to trust themselves and seek to trust the other and accompany them on their journey. They have learnt to trust themselves and trust others, love themselves and love others, listen to themselves and others and believe in themselves and others. And so they seek to love themselves, the other, the mystery and creation.

A new Agnosticism involves letting go of dualistic male centered theologies and rational centered thinking and embracing creation centered, contemplative , mystical theology, sensual spirituality and emotional intelligence.

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