Babies are not concerned with what is right or wrong, they are not interested in truth, belief or dogma, they are not interested in theology or any other ‘ology’ or ‘ism’, or any kind of thinking. The only truth they know is whether they can trust their dependant. They live in this moment, right here- right now and trust their senses and their feelings. What they are concerned about is whether they are held and touched, fed and loved, warmth and nurture and tenderness and compassion.

No words – just flesh and body.

Ultimately the only thing the baby is interested in at this moment is survival

Rowan Williams in his Radio Times message writes the following….

The Clutching hand of the baby is, for most of us, something we can’t resist. The Christmas story outrageously suggests that putting our hand into the clutch of a baby may be the most important thing we can ever do as human beings – a real letting go of aggression and fear and wanting to make an impression, and whatever else is going on in us that keeps us tied up in our struggle and violence.

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