God Giggled

It was the first Christmas and…

God giggled
God farted
God burped
God gurgled
God needed a cuddle
God was a baby…

Christmas reminds us:

That we don’t have to find God – he finds us in our humanity –
We don’t have to go up – he came down
We find God in the physical, in our bodies, in material, in humanity.
God became one of us….

5 thoughts on “God Giggled

  1. james hi! long time no see – really like your reflections. i thought richard had gone all creative on his blog but realise it’s you!

  2. Love this reflection – makes God becoming human even more real in my mind. God farting I find funny but oh so real.
    Thanks James

  3. Glad you appreciated it Suse – thinking about this stuff helps me to earth the divine and what it means for god to become one of us.

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