Bono, Geldof and the endless sea

I came across this quote on Diddy tong “ If you want to build a ship, dont drum up the men to gather the wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. � (Antoine de Saint Exupery) There are many who have taught me to yearn for the endless sea, including MLK, Vincent Donovan, Picasso, James Hawes, Julian of Norwich, a raft of celtic saints (should that be coracle), Dennis Birch, Jim Punton, several students and countless young people, the Bakers, Bob Holman, Winkie, Keith Green, Paul Northup, Nick and Bridget, Lowel Sheppard, Bosch, David Niven, Mandella, Isla Horton, Ciaron O’Rielly, Brennan Manning, Pip Wilson, Bono, My Mum, Jeff and Pat, Dave Wiles……
As I think about these people (and the many others) I love the fact that many reading will not have a clue who some of them are, and the potential we all have to teach people to yearn for the vast and endless sea simply by being the people we were created to be.

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  1. Simon said…

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for popping in at my poor effort at a blog. I hope life’s good with you, I like your list – did you mean Bob Holman or Bob Holness whose gameshow was influential of many of us of a certain age…
    5:56 PM

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