Greenbelt, cyclists, and seminars

Rob and Maz arrived about 10pm on Friday Night and were surprisingly relaxed and healthy. Seeing them around site over the last few days they looks refreshed and revived.

The festival was as good as ever. I went to two brilliant seminars Pete Rollins on The Third Mile arguing that Christ was opposed to ethics, 14 pages of notes in a hour, when I get the tape I will be re-listening for about a month; and Jonathan Bartlet on post Christendom politics and the church as a movement for anarchy, great stuff and is the follow up of Stuart Murry’s post Christendom books.

The Frontier Lecture with Bob and Annette Holman went well with over 150 people attending. One excellent point raised was the use of the word integration in the Green paper and that this was about structures rather than relationships and process. A challenge for use is to re read the paper replacing the word integration with the notion of shalom and see how this impacts our practice.

4 thoughts on “Greenbelt, cyclists, and seminars


    errrr… i think you’ll find yr highlight of this year’s GB was camping next to, and fairly often hanging out next to the Tiny Tea tent (in front of the yert) with the Porthouse-hold. Just thought I’d mention that, as somehow it escaped yr above post.

  2. I went to the Stuart Bartlet seminar too. I enjoyed it, but I think I was hoping for more discussion of the anrachy subject, instead getting more on the post-christendom side of things.

    Still – I was encouraged to find myself walking away feeling ‘permitted’ (not quite the right word) to think/work/act contra to the state more.

  3. Well, some American guy, who was hanging out with my old uni friends and I, after the Jonathan Bartley (note: not Bartlet) decided to ask him over and we got to have a little chat – which was all the more interesting because the American guy was pro-war-in-Iraq etc.!
    (this is Mark this time!)

  4. err yes I was obviously just talking about seminar highlights Annie not overal camping highlights

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