Videos for Sale

Well it is worth a try. As we are moving we are having a big sort out and getting rid of loats (thats not a typo but a cross between lots and loads) of stuff. We have several videos for sale (many ideal for youthwork discussions) All at the knock down price of £2.50 each plus 50p per video if we need to post them. Ist come first served.

Catch me if you can
Being John Malkovich
Mission Impossible 2
The pianist
Donnie Darko
Little Voice
Ferris Buellers day off
The Office (complete first series)
Fight Club
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Eight Mile
(Childrens videos)
Barbie Rapunzel
The Little Mermaid
Rudolph the Movie
Children’s TV favourites
The Railway children
The Clangers, complete series 2
The road to Eldarado
Lion King 2
Veggie Tales the kindly Viking

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