Constructive post modernism

Been working on an essay and came across something in Grenz and Franke Beyond foundationalism. They cited a difference between the early deconstructive approaches that post modern thinkers took (early Europeans) and a more recent more constructive approach, particularly Stiver who talks about postmodernism being:
A rejection of modernity
A paradigm shift
A sketch of the future

I like this approach of not just slating stuff but trying to be more constructive. Anyway it got me into an interesting discussion about this and the nature of truth in modernity. That started with me saying applying Stiver to a theological missional process might look like “this is my truth, tell me yours and lets go on a journey together to discover more”

Great insight from IH who threw in the old story of the monkey with his fist in the peanut jar but wont let go of the peanut to gain more. Perhaps we are so precious about our truth we can let go or break the jar. Could tie in well the need for revolutionary moves in thinking and paradigm shift in how we define churchPaycheck film

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