anyone for a notice in church?

Do something small to make a big change for young people! Text the word MITE to 82540 and help Frontier Youth Trust raise £100,000.

Please could everyone turn their mobile phones ON! An unusual request in church – but let me tell you why!

Imagine the young people you see most days, the young people that every one complains about hanging on the streets and in local parks, the young people who are avoided, now imagine those young people being in regular contact with a Christian youth worker with the skills and support to get alongside them and see lives transformed. StreetSpace is a new initiative from Frontier Youth Trust already working successfully with 100’s of young people just like those you have just imagined, young people that would not come near a traditional church. The work has been so successful that Frontier Youth Trust has been awarded £60,000 to start rolling StreetSpace projects out across the country. The plan now is to grow 36 new StreetSpace projects and we need your mobile phones to make this happen!

We recognise money is tight for most people at the moment so we are simply asking for lots of people (actually 100,000!) to contribute a small amount, their widow’s mite (see Mark 12: 41-44), via a text message. We are asking Christians everywhere to turn on their mobile phones and to text their individual mite to help us help young people and workers engage with what God is doing on the streets.

So please turn on your phone now and text the word MITE to 82540 – calls will cost £1.50 and over a pound will go directly to the StreetSpace initiative. Text with all your mite (excuse the pun!) If you don’t have your phone today write the number down and text when you get back and don’t forget to tell your friends to text as well.

3 thoughts on “anyone for a notice in church?

  1. Great idea richard on this, and had looked into this myself for our work, but wondered about the thic of young people seeing this and also doing it, and how their parents would react. sure you’ve thought of this, you think of most if not all things mate, wisdom exists in you in abundance.

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