…..afflict the comfortable

Today I went to a conference on Funding in the South West. It was generally very good and amongst other things we heard from the CEO of the Big Lottery Fund, which has replaced the New Opportunities Fund and Community Fund. The new young people’s fund has been launched £200million to be distributed – priorities on Disadvantage, Proven young peoples involvement at all levels, Innovation, Demand led. Although some big questions raised on how much may be top sliced from the overall Big Lottery Fund (£600million) if London wins it bid to host the Olympics.

There was also a really good introduction to fundraising session by Jonathan Farnhill who used to work at the Salmon Centre. I also went to a session on income generation which had some good inputs. We were told that the slides from the workshops would be going up on web at www.creatingexcellence.org.uk but I haven’t seen them there yet. Two great quotes Jonathan used:- “Art is not a mirror to reflect reality but a hammer with which to smash it� Brecht. Secondly from Gilbran “If you cant comfort the afflicted – afflict the comfortable�

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