Feeling uneasy

Finally moved house. Blogging has been on a low due to the various issues associated with moving, now we just have masses of decorating to do, not to mention the conservatory/office and extension we hope to to build. Anyway a few recent conversations have made me feel uneasy. A few years ago we conciously opted not to be part of established forms of church and to try different things, all of which was great and the process helped me in my understanding of church and mission, and is in many ways where I still am.

Changes meant moving and as such we started going to church, which at the time was a fairly mission shaped event happening at a local school, we went to build some relationships, get to know the area before moving and importantly as a way for the children to build relationships in an area where they are at schoolwise. (life is so complex) The church then regrouped with its parent in another setting and the more traditional approach and culture has swampped the little mission shaped event.

Now we have landed in the area I think the time to reevaluate is fast approaching. I guess we will see how the discussions with the misson group pan out but the people have been great to us and I am not of the mindset to jump ship, but struggling with the growing uneasiness and what questions I need to ask myself and the family regarding church. Maybe four days from moving it is the wrong time to ask any questions anyway! The trouble is if I dont do it soon the process of getting sucked into a way of being church that I can no longer authentically and wholeheartedly agree with will happen weather I like it or not. In the mean time seeing the process as part of the DO -BE – DO approach to church helps, so thanks to those of you who have helped promote the uneasy feelings by questioning my involvement.

3 thoughts on “Feeling uneasy

  1. Wouldn’t it be bizarre if people actually fully agreed with the way of being church that exists in the church around them!

    Oh, I know! That’s heaven isn’t it! 😉

  2. I’m an easy going bloke so ‘uneasy feelings’ don’t come that easy! I do feel that involvement in mission is what I need. We have had a meeting at our house where ten of us talked how to do church. Some needed time to recover from making the break with the church they had been attending. We hope to meet up again for a worship time but nothing is fixed yet. I feel Golf Course & Chess Club Evangelism is the only chanch I get to build non-church relationships.

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