Visitors from Planet SWYM

Good to be with you yesterday and I hope you found the training sessions helpful. If you are looking for some of the links, you will find most of the links to the FaSt game and detached notes down the right hand side. There are other links to youth work stuff as well. I haven’t uploaded the emerging church stuff yet but will do so in the next few weeks. However there is already an article on Tacking you may find helpful. If you want more definition or background around the redefinition of what is church there is a series of posts starting here Do feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or get in touch via email.

2 thoughts on “Visitors from Planet SWYM

  1. Hi Richard,
    Your lecture was very useful yes, provoked alot of thought and gave good insight into the emerging church that was very re-assuring, just a shame we didn’t have more time to discuss (or debate) it all together.

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