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Young People As Prophets

To coincide with the launch of the Grove Booklet, Young People As Prophets, Frontier Youth Trust (FYT) is delighted to launch a new web site initiative to help young people speak out on issues that are important. Bishop Roger Sainsbury (chair of NYA and CYM) is one of the authors and he says, “I hope this booklet and web site will be used by youth workers to encourage young people to speak out in the tradition of the young biblical prophets on issues such as poverty, racism, the environment, injustice, peace and the worship of money and power. Our world needs their revolutionary voices as much today as it did in biblical times.�

Young people are often denied the opportunity to have their say. Even when they do speak their voices are often pushed to the margins and paid lip service. The YPAP web site gives the opportunity for young people’s voices to be both seen and heard and also enables young people to see what other young people are saying.

Dave Wiles, Chief Executive Officer of FYT and co-author of the YPAP Grove Booklet is delighted that the new web site has been officially launched. “This web site is a valuable tool in helping to get young people’s voices heard. I would encourage all those who work with young people to invite them to make use of the site.�

The web site is free, easy to use and also offers youth workers some free resources and tools to help young people take advantage of the opportunity to speak out. The Young People as Prophets web site can be found at

The ‘Young People as Prophets’ Booklet can be purchased from Grove Booklets on 01223 464 784 or e-mail:

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Frontier Youth Trust is a Christian network dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God by supporting, resourcing and training those working with and on behalf of disadvantaged young people. FYT is working with young people at risk towards justice, equality and community. Company Number 3264908 Registered Charity number 1059328.

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  1. Already looked at the website, and it is a great idea, will certainly be passing oninfo to our young people. It is an idea that i have been working on for our own website in harrogate, but looks great, hope it ake soff.

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