One of those days

Every now and then I have one of those days, where I cant get motivated, want to lounge around and do not a lot. I returned to work on Thursday after a great sabbatical, and had two fantastic days, with loads of stuff just falling into place, had a small grant confirmed, and good meeting with a funder, met John who had held the fort brilliantly, wrote two major reports, and set up a heap of meetings.
It is not tiredness but more lethargy, it works one way or the other – sometimes I have loads of work energy and sometimes loads of home energy. But today there is lack of home energy which i find more difficult to deal with, and life is not quite happening today. Note to self – SORT IT OUT

3 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. No, have a mini-home-sabbatical!A lot done so now recoup…like a wave drawing back..then you’ll be off again. Chill and enjoy..its only a day. Go with the flow!

  2. and there I was surfing the web, yes with an inquisitiveness and a prayerful preparation re the Ist -3rd of Nov… there is a reason for the need for that !!! .. and then I read your post on 5/4/11 and 1/1/11 which I so enjoyed, so needed – thank you 🙂 Journeying through the Lord’s grace…, embracing the joy of an encounter… , unexpected… appreciative…

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