Spiritual Development – fit for purpose?

As you may be aware the powers that be are proposing removing Spiritual Development from the new National Occupational Standards for Youth Work and including the notion in a new standard ‘Values and Beliefs’.

Given Frontier Youth Trust’s long-standing interest in this subject matter our staff team and Directors met this week and issued the following statement:

‘We consider that the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work should retain ‘Spiritual Development’ as a stand alone Youth Work Standard in order to best serve: young people, youth workers, employers and maintain a holistic and inclusive approach to human development. The proposed ‘Values and Beliefs’ Standard does not achieve these objectives and runs the risk of not being fit for purpose.’

FYT are happy to share this with you in case you felt able to use it (or something similar) and/or pass onto other colleagues and/or post on your blogs, web sites and facebook/twitter communications.

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