Resonnance and disconitunity – Reflections on Wright and Cron GB12

There was some great stuff at GB this year, and I didn’t get to very much of it. Two I did were Tom Wright and Ian Cron, both were excellent but in two very different ways. Ian spoke about his memoir and much of his personal story resonated with my own, (not that my father was in the CIA). His personable style and content meshed well with my own experiences of my father, and offered cracks where the light of his story could penetrate the darkness of my own. Tom on the other hand was simply excellent on the content as he outlined 4 typologies present in the gospels to hold in tension as we explore the wholeness of Jesus. However in some ways his strength of being so clear about each type although excellently delivered, well structured,etc seemed discontinuous with my own experience. As a Gen X and post modern product the idea of holding these types in tension is second nature to me and most of my contemporaries, with a level of theological literacy. So I came away wondering what was the agenda?

One thought on “Resonnance and disconitunity – Reflections on Wright and Cron GB12

  1. I really liked Tom Wrights talk – although most of my friends didn’t stick with it (the pace was fast) What suprised me was his throwaway comments about hte last judgement, he appeared to be saying that its the meek, the peacemakers etc who will hold to account those who bring darkness on this world – if I’ve heard that right – then love really does win… #

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