Love the Absolute

I have had a good twitter exchange with Becca and Jo around Empowerment and Theology and Sarah added some interesting thoughts. However I remain unsure of their approach to absolutes. Sarah has some good thoughts around Aristotle but I think Plontius may be more helpful who introduced the idea of virtues as the only absolute.

Perhaps we should think of Love as the Absolute, rather than notions of God or about God as absolute, as surely these are always inadequate and fall short of G-d who is always beyond, and transcends our ideas. Instead when we think of Love as the absolute we are always uncovering and discovering G-d.

7 thoughts on “Love the Absolute

  1. what do you believe? ..its slightly different to what i believe, no? Even if we both read the bible. A child may be taught ideas and stories by a parent but what they actually believe, trust in, base their actions apon may be different, no?

  2. and yet a human parent (that is not God) teachs a child about love, I would say all inspired at least some by God (whether acknowledged or otherwise) as we were all created by God. How about this for the cross,…. the cross enables the parent and child (both children of God) to be able to seek restored relationship with God (parent) and God to seek restored relationship and restoring relationship with people via the Spirit etc. The cross is an example of love, why ever we think it happened ???

  3. isn’t the cross an example of how a powerful occupying force killed those who opposed / questioned the established system?
    Rob – it sounds like your view on the cross is based in dualism!

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