In college prayers last week we were asked to write about the awesomeness of God. Here were my thoughts

How do you begin to describe the indescribable?
Can you speak of the length of the one who goes on forever?
Can you fathom the depths of the fathomless?
How can you explain the love of the one who is Love?
Is it possible to tell of the deeds of the ageless one or contemplate the creator of the world and all that is in it?
What is it to say that God is this or that, when he is always more, always beyond. Yet to say he is always more, always beyond is just as inadequate, as he is always close always near.
How do you begin to describe the indescribable?

4 thoughts on “Awesome

  1. This is how:
    I’m sure you’ve heard of it! but it does include the phrase:

    I wish I could describe Him to you.

    But He’s indescribable – Yeas! Yea! Yea

    He’s indescribable – Yes, He is! He’s God.

    He’s indescribable – Yes!

    He’s indescribable.

    He’s incomprehensible.

    He’s invincible.

    He’s irresistible.

    Peace, David

  2. Well that’s odd – you posted at 9:40, I commented at 9:56 but according to wordpress’ introduction to my comment came in before your post at 8:56! Predictive commenting!?

  3. I was blogging about this subject when I noticed this post, so I stole it, hehe. A quote/prayer from Meister Eckhart I read goes, ‘God rid me of God’. God help me get beyond my understanding of God.

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