Abs and Flow

In a town not so far from here there was man known as Abs. The town was a pretty desolate place, with not much going on, so Abs grew up to skate and ride, as soon as he put his foot on his first board he knew he was born to ride. As he rode he experienced life and energy in a way he had never known before. The more he rode the more he flowed with ths life and energy. Slowly Abs began to understand the life and energy was beyond him, it was not created by him, or generated by himself, but as he forgot himself in the ride he would experience it more and more. Abs began to call this life and energy Flow, he started to recognise when he was about ride with Flow and when Flow was not present. The more he understood and experienced Flow the more he wanted to be in Flow all the time. Slowly Abs felt Flow beginning to communicate with him, it was strange unnerving and Abs was not sure at first if he was imagining things, but Abs knew Flow. Unsure he uttered to himself as much to the Flow that he wanted to experience Flow all the time. Whether it was a voice, an internal impression of a voice, or just something in his mind Abs was unsure, but he knew it was Flow. It seemed a strange contradiction, This voice was saying to Abs if he wanted to really know Flow then he would have to break his skateboard. Abs was confused “wasn’t it through riding that he first really began to experience Flow, wasn’t it through those moments of laughter and relief after pulling the best hand plant, or kick flip that Flow was most present� Yet Abs longed for more and had grown to trust Flow and so reluctantly, he agreed. He made his way to the Skatepark Quarter the highest ramp around, to smash his board on the concrete edge of the ramp.Two Brothers movie Fire Down Below divx

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