Help I’m melting.

Yesterday I woke up no sense of taste (some would say I never had any anyway) then today started dribbling, and cant close one eye, I am slightly paralyzed on one side of my face, been to the docs and it is Bells Palsy although I like the name Idiopathic peripheral facial palsy (its the idiopathic bit I like – it kind of sums up how I feel when I am drinking anything), so am on a range of tablets and eye drops to treat the symptoms. (cost a fortune in scripts) . Josiah and Bethany helpfully commented that I was melting down one side! The docs know the cause in neurological but no cure however most (70%) recover in about 5 weeks.

1 thought on “Help I’m melting.

  1. It’s that scene out of the end of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ where the Nazis are melting – just in slo-mo. You really need to stop going into that huge warehouse where the ark has been since the 1930’s and taking sneak peaks at it!

    But seriously – that has to be a worry, I hope it pans out and you get back to normal… Richard normal that is! 🙂

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