Chard Detached Win £5K

Last night was Opportunity Chard

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when 32 projects came together to put their case for funding before the community. 30k was up for grabs and the total all the projects were asking for was 99K so competion was hot. Everyone had a display board and 3 mins to talk about their project. Then the community voted for the project they most wanted to support. People had 5 votes and could only vote once for each project. There were over 400 people there and we were on first. Kevin one of the older yp spoke brilliantly about the need for lights for the skate park and was followed by Sam who as an under 16 couldn’t vote, so he summed up asking the adults to vote for us as they couldn’t. 90 mins later everyone had done their presentations and votes were cast.

We came 4th with just shy of 100 votes and so got the whole 5k we were asking for. It was a nervous night, but the young people did brilliantly!Macross dvd

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