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My head has been down in books and study not to mention playing catch up on all the work I missed in Spain. I have managed to complete my dissertation for my postgrad in practical theology and will post a few of the tentative conclusions. Then when marked hope to make it available on line.

The hypothesis of the study is that many UK based practitioners hold a dualist distinction between mission and church that can be limiting, however by challenging this distinction and understanding the Church on The Edge (COTE) process, mission orientated practitioners are released into a creative space, and way of thinking that enables them to engage more effectively with the communities they serve.
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One of the interesting things was a link between how open a person is to new ideas that push our orthodoxy around church and how experienced they were in relational based mission. The more embedded people were in the culture they were serving, the more they recognised that old ways of thinking and working werent cutting it and were more open to new ideas around eccelesiology.150 Cartoon Classic [Popeye Vol. 8] on dvd

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