When will the leaves fall?

My family and some friends annually celebrate ‘Leaf day’ – where we mark the leaves falling, recognise the passing of another summer and prepare ourselves for winter. This is one of the rituals that we seek to keep to remind and reconnect us to the rhythm of our year and seasons. We do this with games for the kids in the leaves, eating and doing something crafty and a meditation for the adults about the joys of letting go and the beautiful lessons and colours that death can reveal to us.

But here in Nottingham the leaves are not falling (some are, but not in great quantities) …. So we wait and we hope that the leaves will fall before the season of Advent begins.

2 thoughts on “When will the leaves fall?

  1. we cleberated leaf day yesterday with 25 others in the park across the road. Great day, enough leaves had fallen. We finsihed the day with a lantern walk with lanterns the kids made earlier. The adults left with a reflection on the leaf. Feel ready for winter now!!

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