The emerging church as missionaries to the mainstream church

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The experimentation and practice of the emerging church is cool and will go so far, but in terms of influencing mainstream church, if we are serious about reformation then we may need to adopt missionary principles in reverse.

Take communication for example, The question of how we communicate to established church is as important as what we communicate. In the same way as choosing the language we use within our culture at times we need to choose the language of the church. If that means preaching in a style that they be familiar with and changing the medium as you speak (bringing them with you) so be it.

The anarchist in me doesn’t like it, the pragmatist approves, but holding two together is one of the most important pieces of advice I was taught at college “learn the rules of the game and learn how to break the rules without people realising you’re doing so”.

All of which brings me back to the need for an authentic theologically grounded redefinition of church. So we need people to step up and start working this stuff through in a way that will be heard.

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  2. Thanks…I’m glad to hear somebody else say what I’m thinking.
    There are times when I look at what I’m doing in terms of networking with other youth workers/ministers, and I question what on earth I’m doing there, feeling out of place and uncomfortable.
    Of late I’ve become more and more convinced of the need get alongside other youth workers/ministers on their journey, challenge their thinking on some stuff, but probably more importantly – just be in relationship with them, and all that means (love, care, dialgoue, learning from one another).

  3. This is good stuff to hear. I think the Emerging church often seems to show disdain for the established church (I don’t think they necessarily DO but that is perhaps how the mainstream would feel about it). In the small things that we do with our young people in the field of Alternative Worship I try to keep the church informed and engaged (with mixed success). The Emergent church must be rooted in the wider church. If it is not then there will be division. However I think the idea of the Emergent church returning HOME and telling the family about all the exciting things it has done is a brilliant idea. Like a young person who comes back from university after a term; they must speak as the family speaks but speak of things of which the family does not know. That way the young person grows, the family grows and the relationship grows.

    Kind of rambling I’m afraid but it’s still formulating in my head.

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