Missio Dei Bosch and tacking

Been doing some prep for a lecture on mission. I always liked Bosch transforming mission and found it very shaping but somewhat heavy going. However in prepping for the lecture I have been using Nussbaums reader which is excellent and have found it helped having Nussbaum highlight particular quotes. I can’t help wondering where Bosch’s work on church and mission would have eventually taken him if he had been able to continue his work. If you are unfamiliar with his stuff or found it to hard work I would thoroughly recommend Nussbaums Reader.

2 thoughts on “Missio Dei Bosch and tacking

  1. yes, i am a fan of Bosch’s TM also. Yes, it is heavy-going… no kiddin! But it’s probably the most comprehensive exploration into the minefield that is ‘mission’ that I’ve come across (not that I read books on mission for a hobby, of course!)
    feel free to post the gist of your lecture on yr blog… we’d all love a peek!

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