Missional church

Listening to Mike Frost and TSK HERE and Frost defines he defines mission as All that we do outside of ourselves to alert people to reign of God in Christ (a Bosch quote). He sees church having four equal elements – Mission, Worship, Community, Discipleship. He defines missional church is one where the community is attempting to discover, what does it look like if mission shapes or catalyzes the conduct of the other three functions.

He then asks the questions what would our worship/community/disciple making look like if they were shaped by mission. I think this is a really helpful way of looking at things, and good question.

I am interested that in two of the four elements he identifies for church we see the nature of God (Mission – missio-dei and Community – trinity) but not sure why but I think it maybe a key to some of the questions I have about some of the other things he says.

3 thoughts on “Missional church

  1. Could you also say the same about the other two though?

    discipleship = jesus
    worship = God as sovereign / creator or even God as spirit..?

  2. hi James, Maybe, but a bit more tenuous, got me thinking now! Still trying to get my head around why I have a disquiet about some of the stuff that Mike said.

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