A great interview

I really like Pete Rollins stuff but at times it can be hard to get. Here is a great interview edited down with some of the key stuff I have gleaned from him in a really articulate and understandable presentation. Recently I have been speaking of church as the majority know it is redundant and Pete really nails this as he discusses worship and idols. It is 25 mins so grab a cuppa and a pen to take notes.

One thought on “A great interview

  1. Hi,

    I have to say this is some of the biggest crap coming from a christian, I am not saying he is or isn’t a christian. Can you imagine Jesus entering this space and pretending his is not living in the bosom of His Father John 1:18. I can’t, my revelation and encounters with the Fathers love preclude me from pretending this is not real or that Christ is NOT my life: Colossians 3:4. His talk is for people who have not really had an encounter with the Living Christ and live through Him 1 John 4:9. Wow, I am shocked by such sad lack of Christ’s reality in this mans life.

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