I have been privileged to hang out with a load of baptists for the past few days looking at Other. I was asked to share a little but loved the input from others in particular Abdul Rehman Malik’s session Everything perishes except the face of God. I wanted to blog the thoughts but I cannot find an order of logic so hear goes a splurg.

I long for the other, I want to explore, I let myself breathe and jump in with both feet.
I find my self caught not by the person but by the space.
The encounter with other brings realization that no difference is found.
A visceral awakening that this space is beyond, a space in between, and space that is clean.
The other is self and together we are held.
The holding amplified, so our uniqueness remains
It is a feeling that cannot be conveyed
but it is feeling that must be expelled.
The other is no longer a stranger in this space that held.
Beyond the words of stranger, of difference, and other
we move towards wilderness, home and mother.

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