Valuing theology from the street or mission field

It is interesting what we see as valuable contributions to dialogue about theology, and what criteria people use to make judgements may contribute to theological discourse. Is it a well reserached piece of exegesis, or biblical study? Is it the qualifications someone has? Is it because we view them as sound, or endorsed by an institution?

I am and the church on the edge or flow work is often in the marmite category, people love it or hate it. Sometimes this is because people dont know me and I use lots of short cuts when I speak about the work, assuming that people have a shared understanding which they dont, – so I loose people or lead them to assume a level of heresy that is not true. However I came across this great quote from Gutierrrez and is one which I need to remember when I hear other peoples stories.

Every theology has a universal significance or to put it more accuratly, every theology is a question and a challenge for belivers living other human situations”

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2 thoughts on “Valuing theology from the street or mission field

  1. I find my natural tendency is to look down on those who may not have had the training I have, or who I feel don’t desire to grapple with theology like I want to do.

    But like Gutierrez says – ‘every theology has a universal significance.’ Every perspective is valid.

    I guess there is an element that those who have deliberately allowed the Spirit to influence and direct their thinking will be speaking truth in a supernatural, non-worldly wise way. That is great and we need people who seek to bring God into situations and discussions.

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