Is America being selfish?

I thought it was time for rant, but I was so down about Americas attitude towards climate change and the Kyoto agreement, and hearing the news today about their attitude to Browns proposal for debt relief and the G8 just made want to scream. Is it an attitude held just at the top of government or is it a widely held protectionist position arising from the masses. The few Americans I know are as concerned about debt in Africa as many of my UK friends but what is the groundswell opinion. Has consumerism pervaded so deeply that now it is translated into what I can only describe as an overt SELFISHNESS that seems to be the motivating factor and attitude the white house holds as a plumbline when deciding on most issues but particularly towards debt and climate control.

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  1. diddy_tong said…

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    5:31 PM

    diddy_tong said…

    I’d say the government does what it thinks it can ‘get away with’. With so much money, effort etc being spent on the Iraq war, they don’t want to deal with more issues that may have a detrimental effect on their economy. As the US is so insular, and so many Americans are ignorant of ‘world issues’ – if it’s citizens aren’t going to make a fuss, why should the government create ‘problems’ for itself? From my perspective, that’s what is happening.

    Pete Osborne
    5:34 PM

    Miz said…

    yes America is being selfish… they are so good at exporting their problems to the rest of the world.. e.g the war on terror… but totally useless in picking up on things that matter to others.

    I guess the powers that be, see terror as more powerful than a tsunami. It’s sad that America can take the attitude of Canute on global issues and just sit their on the beach commanding them not to come in. In fact the social policy of America hides so much social inequality… and their climate stuff comes from an over eager colonist attitude fused with the American dream where “bigger is better”… more fries please
    5:40 PM

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