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Many thanks for your comments to Richard Passmore via facebook. I was encouraged by your response to the ASBO’d certificate.

I have to say that your comments/reflections re ASBO’s had occured to me in the development of the idea and i did consciously go ahead with the certificate ‘as is’ for a few reasons.

Firstly I wanted to get reaction – to create the debate and make people think – those who are like yourself and understand that we are not necessarily saying ASBO’s don’t work (even though the jury is out in terms of some of the research – see my comments below) are likely to forgive us and think of the greater good – those who don’t understand are likely to engage in debate with us and at that point we can share our perspective and underline the concern about stigmatising young people (see Richard’s comment). I think advertisers are using this ploy all the time – satire does seem to work well.

Secondly I wanted to capitalize on the ‘dark’ idea that some would see ASBO as a ‘badge of honour’ by turning it into a ‘light’ idea – eg we want to honour young people by naming them as Alright Sensational Beautiful Original – I think they will get it and it is unlikely that it will undermine the ‘ASBO campaign’ – we will monitor reaction to check as you make a good point and we don’t want to seriously undermine authentic protection for anyone

Thirdly – I want to keep the overall debate about the usefulness of personally humiliating people with ASBO’s alive – if we genuinely believe that many of the social ills that young people engage in are a outcome of nurture rather than nature – why don’t we chose to publically humilate our systems as well as individuals? (perhaps this is another idea for FYT!!) My personal view (not an FYT position) is that the power that the police and legal systems had in ‘injunctions’ was enough to deal with protecting people and that the ASBO is more rooted in naming and shaming individuals – as it follows a political pattern that has been evolving in education and many human services (league tables etc) over the last 10 years – it seems to me to be most unhelpful to tag a label on individuals who are already believing the wrong things about themselves. I think there are many other more positive ways that the government could choose to use to make families and communities safer and feel more supported – without resorting to the use of personal and systemic humiliation.

Do hope this helps – your comment are very helpful thanks and you have made me wonder if we should say some of this publically – however I do want to keep debate going!

shalom – dave wiles (CEO – Frontier youth Trust)

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creativity at the expense of mission

I was discussing how missiology shold come from our christology and then give shape for our eccelesiology. We were discussing church on the edge and how do we maintain the mission dna in what we do and what arises. The conversation moved on to some of the initial conversations about part of the reason for establishing church on the edge was due to questions about the emerging churches approach to mission (or lack of it) and that missiological approaches to youth had a lot to learn about church from the EC and likewise EC about mission. (I am aware of the generalisations used in the last sentance). Anyway we wondered if, for many in the EC, the primary revelation/ focus on God was around creativity through the Trinity hence the lack of missionary impetus.Great Expectations movie full

Cohesion and faith

Community cohesion action plan

In response to the 10-month review by the Commission on Integration and Cohesion, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has announced a ten-point action which includes a £50 million investment over the next three years to promote community cohesion and support local authorities in preventing and managing community tensions (an increase of £2 million in 07/08). The funds are to be spent by local councils responding to local challenges in various ways including through community based projects, youth projects and volunteering. The action-plan also calls for a new inter-faith strategy.Lolita moviesThe Shaggy Dog trailer


VOLUNTARY SECTOR FUNDING – A number of discussion papers were commissioned by the Office of the Third Sector during the Government’s Third Sector Review. These include ‘Improving small scale grant funding for local voluntary and community organisations’. See www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/third_sector/research_statistics/discussion_papers.asp. Meanwhile in its recent report Hearts and Minds: commissioning from the voluntary sector, (see last issue of Youth News) the Audit Commission said there was no evidence councils were reducing total expenditure on grants. It claimed they were merely “aligning their grant giving better with their strategic prioritiesâ€?. However, Kevin Curley, chief executive of Navca, has written to Steve Bundred, the commission’s chief executive, to dispute that claim. He said it did not accord with a Navca survey of local infrastructure organisations in 2006 that found 27 per cent of local authorities were no longer providing grant aid to local organisations. His letter read: “We do have to question the basis on which you reached your conclusion about local authority grant aid. Of the 14 authorities you surveyed, only nine provided you with information about grants. Of the nine, five had increased grant aid between 2002/03 and 2004/05 and four had reduced it. This represents a very small sample and does not appear to us to support the conclusion you reachedâ€?.

COMMUNITY ASSETS PROGRAMME – this is a £30m fund from the Office of the Third Sector and delivered by the Big Lottery Fund to enable third sector organisations to have greater control over the assets they use, such as community buildings. It will facilitate the transfer of genuine assets from local authorities to third sector organisations for their use as community resources. The programme will offer grants of between £150,000 and £1 million for refurbishment of local authority buildings, including community centres and other multi-purpose facilities, so they can benefit both local communities and the third sector organisations that take them on. There will be a single bidding round for all applications, which closes on 15th November 2007. Application details can be seen at www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/prog_community_assets.htmPhenomena

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