Theological reflection

I have been prepping some lectures on theological reflection and one of the keys is in slowing down the process to ensure we dont allow the preconceived ideas or traditions (our conditioning) to over ride the process. Thinking about a model to help students work on journals I have come up with this so far.the-reflection-processUp Periscope download

The gospel in less than ten words or a single picture

TSK has a couple of posts on The Jesus Freaks and a post linking to here the gospel in less than 10 words. I was interested in the reponses that didnt use christian jargon which got me thinking about the gospel as a dynamic process that we are involved, so my 10 words would be “journeying together to rediscover, ourselves, the world and one another”. Then as visual thinker I couldnt get a TSK picture out of my head as a visual expression of my thoughts.

the gospel in a picture

the gospel in a picture

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Participative processes

On 8th September Frontier Youth Trust in will be joining forces with the YMCA to facilitate an informal training day around the themes of participation

– ‘whoever comes are the right people!’. The different processes can be brilliant as a way of engaging people in exploring a specific issue (e.g. theological) or considering vision for your church, youth group etc. They can work with any age group as well. If you are interested please email or just show up!

The session will explore:

* Open Space Technology
* Future Search
* World Cafe


* 10.45 – 2.30
* Clevedon YMCA
* Marson Rd
* Clevedon, BS21 7N
* £10
* Includes a free copy of the Participative Processes booklet
* Bring you own lunch