Had a great time at Greenbelt. Didn’t do the usual running around to catch speakers, as the baby took time and we had a nightmare journey. Enjoyed chilling with friends and the kids. Beth (9) went off with two friends for most of the festival, and I hung around with Jo (12).

It is great how kids surprise you. We were in messy space playing pick up sticks when Jo notices the Tote betting, Tote gambling etc branding and signs around the walls and rest of site and made a thought provoking statement.

“Just like Greenbelt, G-Store, G-shop, G-Talks,”

I was really surprised by the observation. He doesn’t worry about wearing brands, never asks for the branded cereal over the supermarket own. His connection was just an observation. Yet the “just like” is a little disconcerting. How does a 12 year old navigate the branded world, decide what brands to trust, or begin differentiate between an ethical brand or another?

Even where they try to facilitate a counter cultural apporach, is branding an inevitable consequence for Greenbelt as they recoup costs, keep prices low etc through merchandising? Is there a third way for Greenbelt?Mute Witness dvdrip

Invasion of the Body Snatchers dvd

famous holidays

When we go on holiday we have the habit of bumping into famous people. in Wales I saw a guy from a bbc 1 series about something northern, okay I cant remember his name but his face rang a bell. In Morcombe we spotted Edwina Curry. In Cornwall Rick Stein, Amelia Fox at Corfe castle, and we just saw Stephen Fry in Norfolk. Okay we haven’t been anywhere exotic, but that means every holiday Lori and I have had we did see someone vaguely famous. Would it be any better if we spent time traveling miles abroad, we would probably just bump into Brad and Angelina!!!