Questioning the place of ritual/tradition in mission

Had a moment to post something. Thinking about the role of ritual in mission (picking up on post on happy midis and commitment). There is an issue we have discussing with the Yp about the purposed dominance in ritual (wether formal tradtional or reasonably new) in how it when they are involved others presuppose that they are committed to the concept behind it. This is particularly true for those taking place in a chuchbuilding. There is a way in which it inhibits thier journey to explore and exeperience g-d through engaging with it because of the meaning others prescribe to their participation.

This problematic partially because of their approach to committment but also as it demonstrates the imbalance of the culture tradition bible approach and how even when we are sensative about how to engage with tradition there is an overweighing pull that for some gets in the way of encountering g-d.