The Encounter

It had been a while and the loneliness had been hard for Teardrop, sitting on the edge gathered at the precipice, unable to move, unable to jump, unable to fall. The compassion was there in response what was seen and encountered on the street, but the compassion wasn’t enough to make Teardrop jump, or fall. The immediate response stopped, motivated but without momentum, but on turning her head, she saw beyond the begging cup and scrawny dog, and Teardrop joined by another, hung briefly to the cheek and fell softly to the ground.

Integration and blogging

In my own spiritual journey I have always strived for a non dualistic approach and to seek g-d integrated into the whole of my life/being. In many ways blogging questions was part of this process. Recently I have been reflecting on my lack of blogging and journey. Yes I have been busy and yes I still have questions but I am not sure if I am bothered about answers any more. For years I have used the saying ” be still and still moving” and perhaps being less bothered about answers it is finally beginning to become more real. As an activist even question if the lack of blogging or answers means I am loosing something. As I prepare for Greenbelt I am usually excited about the speakers and this year the line up would send me into hyper activism cramming in sessions but actually I want to drink tea and chat. A hermit talked about hearing from yourself and blogging helped me work out what was worth hearing but maybe I should have listened to some of the other stuff more. Not sure where this is going other than to say blogging may become more sporadic or even cease. On the other hand…..