Best Guess typology of current church context

Jonny put me onto Arbukles book Refounding the church, and just posted today about several of his thoughts. As ever with these type of things they never quite fit the context I am in, but it had an interesting typology of church that I have adapted. I am not that worried about pinning down what I think about church but it did get me thinking enough to try and re-contextualize it into where we are now in the UK. This is just my best guess and I actually found the process a helpful follow on from the last couple of posts about sobornost.
A pdf of my best guess
Typology of church I think I am most closely aligned to the right column, but recognise that this is probably more a reflection of where I am than the emerging church, as I think many would have a higher view of orthodoxy and tradition, than me. Hence only using (emerging) and (FE) and using different titles.

8 thoughts on “Best Guess typology of current church context

  1. Love it.
    I’m sure that there are some gaps & errors (it is, after all, both a best guess and a work-in-progress), but can see much truth in each column (albeit many caricatures, which again is unavoidable and to a degree helpful).
    I’d tentatively find myself with you, with most of my shadow falling on the right hand column. I’d also agree that, in broad terms at least, the FX/FE movements tend to be located in the middle column.

  2. Excellent stuff! Sadly – I’m definitely column 3!! Which makes being an ordained minister in the Methodist church a tad messy!!

  3. Thankyou for the encouraging comments I wonder if I need to add a row around relation to denomination/authority as unsure if the gravitation pull of traditional eccelesiology means to be at the sobornostic end that being outside is a prerequisit or as Arbuckle suggests in a different space for pathfinding dissenters

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