No blogs for a while but thinking about heresey as a way forward

Next week I am off to the IASYM conference in Germany looking at ecclesiology and youthwork. Then back to the UK for a couple of days of hectic prep and final marking, before taking off with the family to Spain to see my sis and have a two week break, so not sure when i will next post, but am keen to explore the issue of mission as a resource for breaking out of the current church paradigm and the link between this and the need for a heretical imperative to help us fully move beyond our existing pagan christian understanding.Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj movies What’s Eating Gilbert Grape dvdrip

Chard Detached Win £5K

Last night was Opportunity Chard

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when 32 projects came together to put their case for funding before the community. 30k was up for grabs and the total all the projects were asking for was 99K so competion was hot. Everyone had a display board and 3 mins to talk about their project. Then the community voted for the project they most wanted to support. People had 5 votes and could only vote once for each project. There were over 400 people there and we were on first. Kevin one of the older yp spoke brilliantly about the need for lights for the skate park and was followed by Sam who as an under 16 couldn’t vote, so he summed up asking the adults to vote for us as they couldn’t. 90 mins later everyone had done their presentations and votes were cast.

We came 4th with just shy of 100 votes and so got the whole 5k we were asking for. It was a nervous night, but the young people did brilliantly!Macross dvd

Spirituality and young people

Glimpses is an exciting and ground-breaking resource for youth workers that explores the subject of spirituality in a contemporary and relevant way.

Written by Nigel Pimlott and Steve Bullock from the Diocese of Gloucester, Glimpses is published by the National Youth Agency (NYA) and comprises of a book and DVD. Glimpses offers a host of resource ideas for youth workers.

Spirituality is a subject high on the agenda of young people, youth workers and the NYA alike, Glimpses will enable youth workers to effectively integrate the spiritual dynamic of youth work into their everyday practice.

FYT president and Chair of the NYA Bishop Roger Sainsbury has also welcomed the emphasis on spirituality within the youth work agenda: ‘Young people today are very aware of global conflicts in the world and growing divisions in our own communities in the U.K. both often linked to religion – it has never been more important to clarify the place of spirituality and spiritual development in youth work.’

Glimpses comprises of five sections: Reflections provides a series of visual images to engage with. Atmospheres explores the power and importance of environments and Essences tries to get to the heart of what is meant by spirituality and spiritual development. Stations provides a range of some 30 practical tools to aid exploration and engagement, whilst Breaths is packed full of miscellaneous ideas and resources. All this and a DVD full of images, music and video clips to use with the resource.

One of the main features of Glimpses is that it can also double up as an effective tool for churches to use in their adult services, meetings, house and cell groups. Full of resources, discussion starters, images, videos and material it promotes reflection and stimulates thinking.

Glimpses is exclusively available from FYT for just £13 including p&p. (rrp £15 plus p&p). Please send your cheque (payable to ‘FYT’) name and address to the FYT office. Or visit the FYT web site resources section –,print,1.htm

Your part with Flow.

Getting to know Flow can be a hard thing, we can experience Flow in our lives from time to time but being in the flow all the time is harder. Remember when you first realised there was more to Flow than you thought, trying time and time again to make things happen but being just beyond your reach. We need one another to help us find Flow, and Flow has designed it this way. Just as Flow is in you so Flow is in others, and as people flow differently, so can we help one another understand Flow. Some people flow when they think about stuff and because they are thinkers, can help us understand flow or help us when we seem to loose Flow. Some have learnt to trust Flow and we can see from them what it is to live like this. There are even some people who have learnt to go with the Flow so Flow can heal people or help people in strange and miraculous ways. Others find flow when they are talking about Flow, and some have learnt the language of Flow. You see Flow longs to connect with people, and although people have different strengths it is Flow that decides who has these strengths and when.

Think about pulling the perfect trick, unless your feet are right, the weight of your body is in the right place, you have the right speed, take off and landing it won’t happen. Although it is one trick it has many parts, and you can’t do the trick without landing or by using your hands where your feet should be. Once we know Flow we can find Flow in everything, not just the moments when we skate or ride, we become joined in the flow of life with everyone and everything else that knows Flow and because of the old ways of thinking about ourselves are no longer valid. The strange thing about this that it is not that you loose yourself but you find yourself and your part in the part. Remember how where we started – thinking about how different people can help others get to know Flow – well it the same again. Everyone is equally important but more than this we can’t actually function without one another, so it is no good saying I am more important or better than you. Imagine a treasure hunt for Flow and you are in a team, you are responsible for one another, you are responsible for helping one another find Flow, you need to help the others find their role so they can help others find Flow. You can’t find the whole treasure of Flow without everyone finding Flow, everyone knowing their part, if one fails we all fail, but when one person finds Flow we flow that little bit more.

Remember you are here to help Flow be discovered on earth, and you are a part in this process, so find out your part to play and play it well. This is the purpose of what some people call church, to help others find Flow and discover how we can all find our part in Flow, and so be at one with each other, ourselves and the whole of creation. So don’t compete, let everyone play their part, people who help get things set up and make things happen, people who Flow can speak through, the thinkers, the miracle workers, the behind the scenes helpers, the admin people, and the people who speak Flows language, remembering that no-one is more important than the other. But it is so easy to forget so I want to tell you about a different way, an even better way than rules, the way of Flow the way of Love.

If I speak really well, or even speak for Flow but don’t show love, it is pointless. If I am a thinker or I know Flows language or see miracles happen, or even give my money to the poor, without love it is nothing and more than that I am nothing, and not really in Flow. Love is kind and patient, love works for others not for itself, love helps you put up with those around you in the Flow that wind you up, and love hopes for a better world and keeps you living towards this, love won’t fail. Love will help Flow be discovered on earth, love will help you find your part in this process, and love will you play your part well. So have faith in Flow, hope for the future and love to make it happen, but of these three the most important is love.

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