Greenbelt reflections

I finally made it to beer and hymns this year – albeit cider and carols, and it was awesome, and a real highlight. I didn’t get to a lot as FYT had a stand, and sadly missed Pete Rollins, nowadays I find it impossible to switch off my mission head, and was disappointed with the limited imagination of most of what I went to. It was great to go to some of all age orientated alt worship, and at one level it was good but it was still full of christian jargon, language, and I would have to agree with the title of one of Pete Rollins sessions Changing something so that everything remains the same. There was a great comment during one communion from a girl, as the leader used the liturgy to introduce the communion she said “we’ve all heard this story” clearly impatient with the process. It sums up much of what I experienced in talks and worship, whilst cider and carols would fit right in as an approach to mission in our current context where many people still have the echo of a christian memory.
On the reverse most of people I was camping with found the sessions stimulating and worthwhile, the question is where do I and they go now.See Spot Run on dvd The Narrow Margin on dvd

Balance, feel and prayer

I used to build pebble towers with the kids on beaches so I was prompted by Robs post on balance to experiment myself with some stone balancing and prayer/meditation . At charmouth beach today and I put up a few stone circles, it was a really helpful way to centre and good entry point to prayer without words. I have always found creation and nature helpful in getting me to focus but usually it motivates me towards praise and thanks. However the physical act of trying to balance with an object of nature was really helpful and I found myself in Flow quickly. Perhaps it was seeking the external balance that helped the internal.

‘When thou prayest, rather let thy heart be without words than thy words be without heart.’
John Bunyan

As asbo baby approached to knock over the circle, Exodus 20 v25 came to mindIf you make an altar of stones for me, do not build it with dressed stones, for you will defile it if you use a tool on it, -and the hammering behind of fossil hunters was magnified in my ears, as people split rocks searching for ammonites.

Going with Flow at Greenbelt

Grenbelt has always been a thin place for me where Flow and earth meet. This year I am really excited as usually I find for me it is either a good year for music or a good year for talks but this year both seem fab to me. Especially looking forward to David Dark Birds of America download

What Women Want on dvd

Drag Me to Hell movie download and Pete Rollins

Booty Call film Friday the 13th Part III divx

and CMS has interesting series around emerging church and mission which is worth checking out including a sessions from asbo, tsk, richard subworth, mark berry. I am also doing a session on God as Flow on Sun 12-1 and FYT will have a table in the resouces area so hope to catch up with lots of people which is always the best bit anyway .
Hope to see