House swap/ holidays

This year we have decided to support a new youth project instead of paying for a holiday (that and having the outlay on the cars). However we would still like to try and get away for a week or two and wondered if anyone fancied doing a house swap at Easter or in the summer. We are about 20 mins from the devon/dorset coast in chard, and would need a two/three bed house. Anyone interested let me know.


Anti-social behaviour

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has published a survey conducted by the Youth Taskforce focusing on anti-social behaviour (here). The survey reveals that 80 per cent of people surveyed would like more positive activities for young people. The survey also shows that over two thirds of people in the 69 priority areas targeted think anti-social behaviour has stayed the same or got better over the last two years, while over a quarter say anti-social behaviour has got worse.

happy new year

HAppy new year? The last day of leave before i go back to work after an interesting break. Good times with family but needed to spend a grand on the cars servicing, tyres, tax etc and then mine has just gone wrong (not sure what maybe just a dirty fuel filter hopefully not the turbo) and needs an mot. Indie has chicken pox and very spotty, and got a message to say college has been flooded and my desk in particular (which included my lecture prep) but still I have enjoyed the break. Happy new year