Finding New

How do we live in the new and stay in the new, and reflect without being pulled back?
One of our first problems is that of language, in that we have to use it to reflect and talk through what is happening, but this language is always laden with assumptions and meaning that may not reflect the newness, or express well what we mean.
A second is ourselves. Even the most radical people I know need to pin some things down and have a sense that in doing so it prepares the ground to move forward.
perhaps it is only in loosing ourselves and our language in serving others and following the missio dei can we hope find the safety of continual renewal

Incarnation and Disruptive experiences

Love the Absolute

I have had a good twitter exchange with Becca and Jo around Empowerment and Theology and Sarah added some interesting thoughts. However I remain unsure of their approach to absolutes. Sarah has some good thoughts around Aristotle but I think Plontius may be more helpful who introduced the idea of virtues as the only absolute.

Perhaps we should think of Love as the Absolute, rather than notions of God or about God as absolute, as surely these are always inadequate and fall short of G-d who is always beyond, and transcends our ideas. Instead when we think of Love as the absolute we are always uncovering and discovering G-d.