Incarnation as the space between

Over the past few weeks I have playing with TaiFlow and developed a move that holds the space, it builds on the thin place idea where heaven and earth come close. I kind of move arms in opposite directions coming together at my core but not quite meeting. It reminds me of the space between us, and the spaciousness g-d offers and holds us within. So it was a joy to get into discussion with Al Barrett, Tim Evans, and Janey Barrett, as we pursued ideas around innovation in the previous post. Al shared the concept that Jesus through the temptation in the wilderness demonstrated that we need to renounce the power of the provider, the power of the performer, and the power of the possessor. As we explored this, it connected so well to the space I was seeking to hold in the TaiFlow move. The incarnation is more about the space between us that our presence creates than our simple presence. The incarnation takes us beyond us and the stranger/other, calls those walls to dust and refuses to colonise the space left, where too often the church seeks to perform, possess, or provide so it becomes a space of intercarnation. (Once again a word Al found)