Personal responsibility

how do we take more responsibility for our own actions and approaches to faith and life. So often we rely on institutional approaches like membership which tells us what we should do or believe. It replaces grace and the need to dialogue when we don’t agree. To journey to the light is to journey in the light and embrace the difficulties and uncertainties that entails. To ditch the security blanket of the known, the institution, the rules, and regulations To take responsibility for our actions, to challenge the actions of others and so grow and become fellow travellers of light.

Unprepared a way to prepare for mission?

Officially StreetSpace starts this week as a national project. It is with some trepidation that I left the securer role of my split post with BCYM to take on the task of developing 36 new Streetspace/ Church on the edge projects. Whilst my funding is reasonably secure for the next two years, beyond that depends on the take up. I always found risk easier and certainly more fun when I was younger and never know quite what to think when people say they need this or that to get going. My first role was nonsalaried and I lived in a shed for a year responding to a need I identified in my dissertation – Was I naive, or am I now just old? Trying to follow what God is already doing – to an extent feels less risky and is very reassuring when stepping out. Perhaps this is the difference – the see a need meet a need demands a different kind of step to the one I am currently taking.
So what should my preparations be? I have spent the last few months positioning the project between the missional intentions of the churches/localities and the funding streams available. Knocking the paperwork into shape and setting up the first few months meetings. Even though it has been clear to see God in the process so far I still feel unprepared.

My role is about finding what God is already doing and helping others sniff this out in their localities. Using Streetspace positioning where needed or coaching others to develop their missional instincts. The meet the need see the need and where I am perhaps aren’t that different – both are off the map, where the easy to spot pathways are nowhere to be seen, where following the spirit moment by moment is the only way to go. This openness and freedom can be daunting but is the heart of mission so my preparations are to, forget the maps, ditch the compass and to travel Light and remain unprepared otherwise I am likely to miss out the Missio-dei.

House swap/ holidays

This year we have decided to support a new youth project instead of paying for a holiday (that and having the outlay on the cars). However we would still like to try and get away for a week or two and wondered if anyone fancied doing a house swap at Easter or in the summer. We are about 20 mins from the devon/dorset coast in chard, and would need a two/three bed house. Anyone interested let me know.

happy new year

HAppy new year? The last day of leave before i go back to work after an interesting break. Good times with family but needed to spend a grand on the cars servicing, tyres, tax etc and then mine has just gone wrong (not sure what maybe just a dirty fuel filter hopefully not the turbo) and needs an mot. Indie has chicken pox and very spotty, and got a message to say college has been flooded and my desk in particular (which included my lecture prep) but still I have enjoyed the break. Happy new year

Tuffty and Clive

Congrats to Clive on her year 6 SATS, she received an award this week as she was the first student in the school to come top in all three subjects of Maths, English, and Science. Although rather embarrassingly as the head teacher noted the glass plague looked smaller in the catalogue, so she just needs to make sure she doesn’t leave it on the window sill and burn the house down one sunny day! Tuffty now is revising for his Maths GCSE course work but motivation for the 80 page workbook from the school is heavy going!! So glad I am not at school anymore!

Feeling the way – incarnation

James helpfully reminded me of the nature of the incarnation (the word became flesh) as way to feel beyond the words that probably lead us to inhabit a dualist way of being. As I have reflected on this in the past few days all sorts of connections spark off. I am reminded of seasons when I have religiously practiced spiritual disciplines, or times when I practice raising my general awareness to keen my senses to God and just simple things like ensuring I read the whole bible every few years. I have often existed between the extremes of discipline and relaxation but never really lost a sense of connection. I also don’t seem to reach the point where I feel I need to return a discipline or do a read through, it just sort of happens. This connection is not generated or sustained by the disciplines, nor does it wane over time. It is a relationship that is as much about presence as absence, as it is an experience of the swimming in the ether of the incarnation in every encounter, conversation, tree, leaf or young person.

“To indwell a story is to live so much within its framework that we are not so conscious of the story as of what the story allows us to see”

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BCYM community week

I have just got back from a few days with the students where we explored the theme “community is a natural by product of people heading in the same direction” (Rohr) we incorporated silence throughout the week and build the length of time of silence up over the few days. It was real privilege to be with the students and particularly to give out the JNC certificates to the third years. There was a real sense of a growing missional community centred on serving young people, children and families. It was simply great just to be around these people – Thanks if any of you are reading this.

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Shalom Greenbelt

Just back from the Shalom conference and Greenbelt. Two places where I hung out with like minded people and was able to wonder out loud about thoughts and ideas around mission and god without people stucking in a loud mouthful of air like a builder does when you ask how much it is going to cost?

Didn’t really hear that much new at GB but through chatting with friend got some good conversations going that began to stretch the old gray cells. In particular how many of the arguments made are based on the same old dualist assumptions and around reconciling this rather than starting from a more unified worldview and the impact this has on who and how we are.