Shrove Tuesday

In the madness that was yesterday I ended up with missing two meals, which actually served me well as I often fail to prepare as approach Lent. It reminded me of the approaching time and the need for discipline in fasting, appropriatly and purposefully. So this is my gentle reminder to myself as i approach the season to SORT IT OUT!!

Flow Skate school


One of the yp I work with is an excellent skater and usually cleans up when he enters any competitions locally. We were discussing part time jobs and about the possiblity of setting up a skateschool as a social enterprise where we come and teach basic skating to other youth projects. Any one interested?Still Waters movie download

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Revolver divx

Pompey pubs and church on the edge

Mark Hard Rain movie Bad Company divx The Wicker Man

Blast from the Past on dvd

over in Portsmouth is kicking off some conversations in a pub and using the COE process. I loved his down to earth approach and to find fellow minded people that have the courage to say this is my church

Surrogates on dvd

to a bunch of vague accquaintances in a pub. Great stuff MarkThe Hazing hd

church on the way


just chatting to Jonny about the church on the edge project and our approach of being church together with young people who are not “believers” and he used the language of being church on the way, which I thought a great way of describing it.

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