Does Christianity have a future in a new shape?

After the programme does Christianity have a future? see iplayer here (our bit is around 37 mins in) I wanted to start a discussion about what I thought the programmes was going to be about which was more about the emerging shape of Christianity and how the values of Gen Y influence and change the way we do church. Ann Widecombe seemed to have an agenda around traditional approaches to faith, and how much she was involved in shifting the focus of the programme i am unsure. Dave Wiles summed it up nicely “Dear old Anne playing with red herrings”

SO am asking the question does christianity have a future in a new shape and what does that shape look like?

Heres one colour that I think the new picture will be painted with to get you started – it will be apologectic free, people will not bother about arguements like did God create the world in seven days, and whilst people may ask those sort of questions, answers will not be about justifying a defence but explaining that it doesnt matter and only giving their view as one of the options about what the truth may be.

Commitment and new monastics

James posts some good stuff on commitment and the link to contemplative faith and covenant. Whilst I agree with issues of faith communities needing time listen stuff BUT (borrowing from Petes new book) I wonder if some of the approaches in the new monastics that the current idea of commitment to one another is an idea we need to betray in order to discover something new. We assume covenant is a two way street, and so enter into covenant relationships with those in our faith circle (I recognise that for many this also has a service to the world element) but have questions on this.
Is the centrally of covenant to one another within (however you define this) a return towards closed set models. Does this investment towards others in church/covenant

return to a weak ecceliosiology that again separates missio-dei or annexes mission to a project or task. If Gods covenant was to the world not the church and the church was the way of fleshing out that covenant post Jesus, how do we enter into covenant with the world as the central element, recognising that we need one another to help with this.Naked Weapon movie full